2009 Homeland Security S&T Stakeholders Conference West

Feb 23, 2009

The 2009 Homeland Security S&T Stakeholders Conference West takes place February 23-26 in the Meydenbauer Convention Center in Bellevue, Washington, presented by the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) with subject matter support provided by the Science & Technology (S&T) Directorate of the United States Department of 
Homeland Security.  The theme for the conference is “First Responder Frontiers: Enabling First Responders Today and Tomorrow.”

The S&T Directorate is the gateway into DHS for innovative ideas and technologies from the private sector and academia that support the homeland security mission at the national, state, and local levels.  The purpose of the conference is to inform First Responders (Federal, state, and local), state and local governments, industry, and academia of the direction, emphasis, scope, and status of the research investments by the S&T Directorate, and to describe the business opportunities for private sector organizations and universities, in the United States and around the world. 

Keynote speakers will include the Under Secretary of Homeland Security for Science and Technology, leaders in the First Responder community, and officials from government, academic, and private sector organizations partnering with S&T in science & technology research.  The event will have a significant international component.  Conference attendees will hear from the S&T Directorate’s Directors, who will describe their areas of responsibility, and highlight key deliverables and technologies.

The 2009 Homeland Security S&T Stakeholders Conference West provides an unprecedented venue for substantive discussion regarding the investment of resources that specifically address the breadth of future capabilities that First Responders need, and to mobilize the industrial and academic interest and resources necessary to bring critical technologies into general availability. The leadership and key staff of the S&T Directorate will be broadly represented throughout the Conference.  Registered attendees will have extensive opportunities for formal and informal interaction with Directors and Program Managers from the S&T Directorate.

"First Responders Frontiers: Enabling First Responders Today and Tomorrow " 

The 2009 Homeland Security S&T Stakeholders Conference West will focus on First Responders as key customers for the science and technology research investments made and managed by the S&T Directorate, which is responsible by law for providing homeland security capabilities to state and local governments and private sector entities with a homeland security mission.  Representatives of numerous First Responder organizations, jurisdictions, and other state and local emergency management and homeland security professionals will be at the event to help identify the capability gaps that must be filled by future investments in science and technology research.

The conference will highlight the specific programs currently underway at S&T to support First Responders, and will build interactively a list of High Priority Technology Needs for First Responders that S&T will incorporate into its research planning.  The ultimate objective is to deliver technology solutions whose capabilities not only satisfy the First Responder operational capability needs but also affect the processes, tactics, techniques and methods of employment of those performing the First Responder and emergency response and management missions.

The 2009 Homeland Security S&T Stakeholders Conference West will be an extraordinary exchange of ideas amongst First Responders and government, academia, research institutions, and industry.  A critical component of the conference will be the time available for intensive discussion between attendees and S&T Directorate personnel at all levels, to share ideas and information, including opportunities throughout the conference to congregate in small groups for focused conversations on specific issues.  Attendees will help shape the discussion, and will affect the direction of future research investments by the S&T Directorate.

Who should attend?

  • First Responders working at all organizational levels in all jurisdictions and all government and municipality sizes
  • Representatives of national, state, and local organizations related to the First Responder and emergency management missions
  • Representatives of Federal, state, local, and municipal government agencies that perform, support or manage First Responder and emergency management functions, including military components
  • Representatives of private sector organizations that perform, support or manage First Responder and emergency management functions
  • Researchers, development engineers, product development specialists, and analysts in areas of science, technology, or innovation who work in the design, engineering, and development of products relevant to the First Responder and emergency management missions
  • Research and Technology managers in business, academia, government and international organizations relevant to the First Responder and emergency management missions
  • Chief Scientists, Program Analysts, Portfolio Managers, Systems Engineers, Researchers and Product Engineers who are subject matter experts in specific areas of First Responder-related science, technology and operations
  • National and regional technology development agencies and laboratories
  • Staff and decision-makers from public and private agencies that support or shape science or innovation related to the conference theme and topics
  • Practitioners in foresight, assessment, evaluation, and forecasting of technology
  • Social scientists interested in technological change and its implications for societies
  • Representatives of Non-Governmental Organizations concerned with issues relevant to the conference theme and topics
  • Journalists who cover homeland security and First Responder issues
  • PhD-level and Graduate students with thesis topics related to the conference theme and topics
  • Anyone interested in learning about the new science and technology research taking place in the First Responder and emergency management areas of responsibility and interest

The 2nd annual "Regional Intermodal Transportation Security Conference"

The Security Network is an international  non-profit, non-partisan organization that  promotes rapid commercialization of dual usage security technologies and development of effective regional security. In pursuit of our mission, The Security Network will present its "Regional Intermodal Transportation Security Conference" as a single-day conference on February 25, 2009 inside the four-day Department of Homeland Security, Science and Technology Directorate West Coast Stakeholders' Conference February 23-26, 2009 in Bellevue, WA.