Emergency Management Conference 2011

Jul 12, 2011

The Emergency Management Conference (EMC) is the annual conference presented by the Emergency Services Foundation to provide a forum for the exchange of the valuable information gained by emergency services workers in the line of duty, and in research.

Attendees include Local and State Governments, Fire, Ambulance, Police, State Emergency Services, Transport, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Mining, Hazardous Goods, Human Resources, Energy, Safety & Life Saving, IT & Telecommunications and Health.

The conference is also the Emergency Services Foundation's annual fund raiser to ensure it can continue to provide support to families of emergency service workers and scholarships for emergency services personnel to study relevant topics, and contribute to the various professions. An ever growing trade exhibition showcases products of interest to the emergency services agencies at the conference.

Delegates will attend from all emergency services, Federal, State and Local government departments and community groups.