What's New in Avalanche TTX 5

Avalanche TTX 5 is packed full of new features to make exercises and training easier than ever.

Social media injects

You can now easily simulate outbreaks of trending activity on social media. Create a simulated feed of social posts with text, photos, locations and likes.

Rehearsal mode

You can now preview your scenario without leaving the scenario designer. See which injects will be received by each site or breakout room, all on a single screen.

Top-down view

When designing scenarios, you can now switch between the timeline and the new list view to make tasks such as re-ordering your injects and re-timing your scenario a breeze.

Design guidance

The scenario designer now shows you any problems with your scenario design in real-time, and lets you jump straight to the problem with a single click.

Exercise frameworks

Avalanche TTX now helps you to meet industry and regional standards for exercise delivery and reporting. Simply choose an exercise framework and the way you design, deliver, review and report on exercises will change to meet your needs.

Improved evaluation

You can now evaluate your exercise against individual objectives, capabilities and KPIs. Observe strengths, areas for improvement, corrective actions and lessons learned, then generate reports.

New reports

Avalanche TTX now includes more automatically generated exercise reports that document the outcomes and learnings from your exercises. Save yourself weeks of unnecessary report-writing work and focus on the tasks that matter.

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