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Avalias is a global leader in services and software for business continuity, emergency management and disaster preparedness.

We are a dynamic, multi-faceted team of experts and innovators with a highly focused yet diverse skill set.

We are passionate about creating smart solutions that help our clients ensure that their organizations are prepared for anything.

We value:

  • Innovation
  • Simplicity
  • Fairness
  • Excellence
  • Generosity

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About the letter 'Z'

Spelling buffs will notice that we use the letter Z in words like organization.

We help clients around the world, and valuing simplicity over complexity we wrote our website using Z, but we can use S for your projects if your organisation prefers it.

Working with us

Why is Avalias unique?

We are a team of specialized experts that can deliver fast results using our extensive range of tools, frameworks and resources. As a result, we consistently deliver quality results in record time. Ask us for a case study

  • Experience

    We are responsive and provide an integrated set of skills.
  • Balance

    We are customer-focused and use processes and principles that put the customer first.
  • Innovation

    We use a strategic mix of the latest technologies and approaches to deliver the results you need.

What’s unique about Avalias is that they offered the whole package from the software and scenario development, through to the overall planning and implementation of the project.

Manager Emergency & Contingency Planning
Transport Industry Sector
Making you look good

Our industry experience

Our team has significant experience across a wide range of industry sectors, working directly with federal, state and local government, along with private sector organizations.

Detailed knowledge.

Our people have proven experience providing solutions in emergency management, homeland security, policing, counter terrorism, aviation, emergency services, border protection, disaster preparedness and risk management.

Broad understanding.

Our specialization extends beyond public safety, emergency management and infrastructure agencies. We consistently deliver quality results across numerous industries, in both the public and private sectors.

  • Transport
  • Energy
  • Telecommunications
  • Infrastructure
  • Healthcare
  • Public Safety
  • Defense & Security
  • Education
  • Government
  • Financial & Insurance

Our solutions have been designed to meet the needs of organizations in any industry.

Avalias Labs

Our software labs specialize in simulation and serious gaming, scenario-based training, exercise design, distributed systems, user experience and cognitive science.

It sounds complex, but the geeks at Avalias Labs actually make life simpler.

Industry recognition

  • Winner iAward 2012 - innovation in eLearning for Avalanche ST scenario training system.

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