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New Release

Avalanche TTX 2024.1

What's New

Build and present any scenario

Avalanche TTX can handle anything - business continuity scenarios, emergency management scenarios, security scenarios, crisis management scenarios, interactive multi-site presentations, school scenarios, HSEEP exercises... the options are unlimited.

1. Build scenarios

The powerful and easy to use scenario designer lets you create anything from single-site scenarios through to complex multi-site scenarios.

2. Present to groups

Deliver compelling scenarios to a group in one room, or across multiple break-out groups, syndicate rooms or locations.

3. Review the results

Black-box-style recording of the scenario allows you to review the results of the scenario and provide feedback, debrief or assessment.

4. Generate reports

Evaluate people's actions and decisions against your objectives and automatically generate reports for distribution to stakeholders.

Build your scenario library

Create a library of the situations your organization faces. You can even use existing resources such as media or Master Scenario Event Lists (MSELs).

Ensure consistency across exercises

Avalanche TTX ensures that each exercise reaches participants in the same way, freeing facilitators to focus on what matters.

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Award Winner - Continuity and Resilience Provider (Product/Service)
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Automatic Debrief Reports

Following an after-action review, print out an automatically generated report containing a summary of the discussion topics, along with any feedback, observations and other commentary provided by reviewers.

Flexible configuration

Start with a single laptop, or grow to multi-seat, multi-site or multi-location scenarios. Ask us about the options for a portable Avalanche TTX kit.

Secure and confidential

Avalanche TTX ensures that your confidential exercises and results remain secure with access-control and sharing features that let you determine who can deliver, edit, review and debrief exercises.


  • Multimedia injects
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Change your scenario during the exercise
  • iOS Remote Control
  • "Black box" recording
  • Automatic debrief reports
  • After-action review
  • Simple setup
  • Runs on a standard PC

Multi-site features

  • Multi-site presentation
  • Break-out rooms
  • Video and audio conferencing
  • Whiteboard collaboration
  • Text chat
Timeline of events
Prove your compliance

Ensuring compliance is a breeze.

Whether you are required to run exercises to meet legislative requirements, validate capabilities, or you are using scenarios for compliance or accreditation, Avalanche TTX gives you a consistent framework that makes your job easier.

Airports/FAA Mining Health Public Safety Infrastructure Banking

Auditable evidence.

Simplify the collection of results and create a permanent record that capabilities have been validated. Maintain a lessons-learned database and prove that best practices are being applied.

Use your own report templates.

Add your own report templates to Avalanche TTX and pre-fill scenario results, reducing repetitive report writing work and giving you more time to focus on what's important.

Spotlight on

Exercises and Crisis Simulation.

Avalanche TTX was built from the ground up for emergency management exercises.

In depth

For running drills, tabletop exercises, functional exercises or full-scale exercises, you can use Avalanche TTX to support and manage the entire exercise or co-ordinate your Exercise Control functions.

Design Maintain and release your timed injects (MSELs)
Design & Conduct Target injects to different individuals, groups or locations
Conduct Communicate between exercise controllers and evaluators to maintain exercise control
Conduct Portable and quick to setup
Debrief & Reporting Paperless real-time evaluator data capture
Reporting & Compliance Ask us how to ensuring HSEEP compliance is a breeze

Contact us to find out how Avalanche TTX could revolutionize your exercise program.

Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP).

Avalanche TTX helps you to apply the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) guiding principals for exercise programs, letting you design, conduct and evaluate exercises, along with debriefing and reporting on results and improvement planning.

You'll see the benefits even if you only run one exercise a year.

Ask us how Avalanche TTX can be incorporated into your existing HSEEP exercise program.

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