Avalanche TTX 2024.1

Avalanche TTX 2024.1 includes exciting new features that bring more immersion, interactivity, observability, control, and realism to your scenario-based training.

360-degree video injects
Allow participants to explore a 3D video scene for a VR-style experience. Bring interactive storytelling to your situational awareness, incident scene analysis, investigations and other immersive experiences.
Greater Control
Facilitators can now feature multiple team activities side-by-side during debrief and review sessions. Use the new 'Featuring' mode to review and compare team responses to identify lessons learned.
Activity Monitoring
Facilitators, observers and evaluators can now monitor all team activities at the same time, on a single screen, using the new 'Activity Monitoring' tab for a big picture view of team breakout activities.
Log Activities
Simulate the types of logs your responders keep using the new Log Activity. Allow participants to submit entries to incident logs, decision logs, communications logs or any other type of log relevant to your exercise objectives.
Plus many more features and enhancements
The best way to find out about the latest features and enhancements in Avalanche TTX 2024.1 is through a 30-minute guided demo. Request a demo now.
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