What's New in Avalanche TTX

Avalanche TTX 7.1

Compelling scenarios, greater immersion, more control.

Avalanche TTX 7.1 includes exciting new features that allow you to bring new levels of immersion and storytelling to your tabletop exercises and training.

Powerful new options allow you to tailor how injects look and sound, to support the extensive range of scenarios that the Avalanche TTX simulation platform is being used to deliver.

Other highlights include new options for date and time display, including military Zulu time, and new capabilities for facilitators and subject-matter experts during exercises.

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Previous releases

Avalanche TTX 7

Tabletop exercises, delivered anywhere, with oversight, flexibility, and control.

Avalanche TTX 7 introduces many powerful new capabilities for your exercise delivery, after-action review, evaluation, and reporting.

With a clean new user interface, new remote video conferencing features, activity countdowns, subtitles, document injects, and automatic enrolment, your simulations can now be delivered with precision, flexibility, and oversight. Deliver exercises to teams in multiple remote locations, keep your team activities running to schedule, deliver procedures and intelligence to participants based on their actions and decisions, with accessibility and multi-language support, all from one or many exercise control locations.

Avalanche TTX 6

Avalanche TTX 6 has major enhancements throughout the system, including the scenario player, scenario library and the scenario builder.

Scenario Player

Communication between teams

Observe the flow of information during critical incidents and identify potential areas for improvement relating to communication, information sharing and situational awareness.

Participant groups can send messages to:

  • Share information during a simulated incident.
  • Enable realistic lines of communication.
  • Request additional details from the exercise team.

Facilitator Messaging

Exercise facilitators can now communicate with participants in different rooms or different cities around the world.

  • Respond to participant requests for additional information.
  • Inject unplanned situation updates and story elements on-the-fly.
  • Coordinate participants remotely (e.g. "Please return to the auditorium")
  • Provide hints, instructions or observations to teams during their activities (e.g. "Have you notified everyone of the incident?")

Form injects

A new, more intuitive way for participants to respond to questions and complete written tasks during an exercise.
  • Structured questions allowing for clearer evaluation and reporting.
  • Get responses relevant to each stage of the scenario.
  • Facilitators can review submissions during a scenario and include them in automatically generated exercise reports in a few clicks.
  • Optionally use inputs from your standard procedures templates.

New inject visuals

The scenario player has a fresh new look for the presentation theme and inject animations.
  • Bright, crisp and clear on high definition displays.
  • Injects are represented on the latest phone handsets and radio equipment.
  • No changes required to your existing scenarios – everything automatically looks better.

Scenario Designer

Rehearsal improvements

You can now preview your scenario without leaving the scenario designer, from any point in the exercise timeline. See which injects will be received by each site or breakout room, all on a single screen.

Scenario design search

Easily find injects and other scenario content based on keywords for fast updates during scenario development:
  • Quickly make terminology changes to an existing scenario.
  • Update a duplicated scenario to focus on a different location, audience or incident type.

Scenario design to-do list

Keep track of required updates during the scenario design process. Whether you’re creating a new scenario or changing an existing scenario to suit a different target audience, you can now easily keep track of changes you want to make to your scenario without having to make the changes on the spot.
  • Add a "To-Do" item now, and return to make the change later with a single click.
  • See your unfinished tasks in a simple list, along with scenario design warnings.
  • Review your scenario plan rapidly with Subject Matter Experts or management.

Scenario management features

Work better with your team when authoring scenarios.
  • Improved revision tracking for scenarios.
  • Scenario codes and revisions are now unique, allowing sharing of scenarios between systems.
  • Scenarios now track the history and source of each revision.
  • Saving scenarios, importing scenarios and generating scenario documents now happens in the background so you can keep working.
  • You can now import and export multiple scenarios at the same time.
And many more improvements...
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Avalanche TTX 5

Avalanche TTX 5 is packed full of new features to make exercises and training easier than ever.

Social media injects

You can now easily simulate outbreaks of trending activity on social media. Create a simulated feed of social posts with text, photos, locations and likes.

Rehearsal mode

You can now preview your scenario without leaving the scenario designer. See which injects will be received by each site or breakout room, all on a single screen.

Top-down view

When designing scenarios, you can now switch between the timeline and the new list view to make tasks such as re-ordering your injects and re-timing your scenario a breeze.

Design guidance

The scenario designer now shows you any problems with your scenario design in real-time, and lets you jump straight to the problem with a single click.

Exercise frameworks

Avalanche TTX now helps you to meet industry and regional standards for exercise delivery and reporting. Simply choose an exercise framework and the way you design, deliver, review and report on exercises will change to meet your needs.

Improved evaluation

You can now evaluate your exercise against individual objectives, capabilities and KPIs. Observe strengths, areas for improvement, corrective actions and lessons learned, then generate reports.

New reports

Avalanche TTX now includes more automatically generated exercise reports that document the outcomes and learnings from your exercises. Save yourself weeks of unnecessary report-writing work and focus on the tasks that matter.

And many more...

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