Avalanche TTX

Feature Highlights

Standalone Edition

Avalanche TTX Server

Scenario design

Create scenarios
Design and edit scenarios with drag-and-drop simplicity
Scenario Store
Download scenarios and templates from the Scenario Store to fast-track your preparation
Quick sound editing tools
Record voice-overs or re-voice videos in the scenario designer
Sound effects and background sounds
Quickly drop in a siren or helicopter noise on new or existing audio and video
Easy to customise injects
Select from pre-defined inject options to kick-start the realism of your scenarios.
Private scenarios
Decide who can play, edit or review scenarios in your library.

Presentation and facilitation

Black-box recording
Every element of the exercise is recorded - voice, whiteboards, notes and the exact timing of everything. This can be used for review or compliance.
Interactive whiteboards
Draw, type or place images on virtual whiteboards. Whiteboards can be pre-authored with images and text during design.
Multi-user activities
Collaborate on tasks across teams using virtual whiteboards, forms, maps and logs.
Targeted injects
Send different content to different sites, or different groups in the same room.
Multi-site and break-out rooms
Connect multiple rooms or multiple sites over Wi-Fi or mobile Internet so participants can join from anywhere.
Video and audio conferencing
Video and voice chat between all sites is automatically enabled if selected. Switch between facilitator-only view, group chat or individual in-the-spotlight views.
360 degree video
Allow participants to explore a 3D scene.


Structured evaluation
Provide time-based annotations based on the results of the scenario.
Track exercise outcomes
Identify strengths, areas for improvement and corrective actions and lessons learned.
Automated report generation
Reports are automatically generated at the end of the exercise.
Custom report templates
After-action report formatting and layout can be customized to output into your existing report template.
Participant feedback
Collect feedback from participants on the exercise.
Report sharing
Reports can be shared with participants and stakeholders.
Objectives and capabilities
Evaluation checklist to guide you through evaluating your objectives and capabilities.
Export reports to Microsoft Word or PDF for editing and sharing
Reports can be exported to Microsoft Word for final editing.
Export reports to PDF for archiving and compliance
Reports can be exported to PDF for proof of participation or grading.

Configuration options

Multi-seat, multi-role, multi-user, multi-location
Participants can join in groups, individually, and as different roles and locations with injects and activities designed and targeted based on their local conditions.
Runs on a standard PC
Avalanche TTX doesn't require custom hardware, it can be run on a laptop or installed in a training-room or facility installation.
Upgrade your subscription to a higher plan at any time.
Unlimited email support is included with all subscriptions. Premium phone support is available as an option.
Portable exercise kit (Optional)
Avalanche TTX pre-installed and supplied with recommended hardware, including durable road-cases.
Cloud hosted (Optional)
Optionally run scenarios over the internet, or as an extension to your corporate network, managed by Avalias.

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